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virtual fog server installation

Virtual Fog Server Installation By Congatec, Embedded Web Server, Application of Industry 4.0 and IoT:

Virtual Fog Server Installation

Congatec is a leading in embedded computer modules, embedded PCs and embedded design and manufacturing services, will offer the first less fan-intensive platform and a Virtual Fog Server Installation for an embedded Scandinavian conference (X) in Stockholm. November 7 to 9 platform supports real-time redundancy and collaboration consists of 7-type Express Com modules with Intel Atom processors (code name Denverton) and real-time systems. The purpose of this Edge / Virtual Fog Server Installation is to highlight the benefits of virtual-based feature and service-defined software for IoT  and Industry 4.0 connected to embedded web server systems.

OEMs benefit from built-in, unstructured server platforms and Virtual embedded web server Installation ready to use with up to 16 cores, enabling them to deliver highly time-based and highly flexible services as well as all types of industry 4.0 and M2M based on the Internet of things services. In addition, custom infrastructure components such as firewalls, load scales, and routing systems can unify with software solutions and standardized into the fog servers themselves. All this helps OEMs increase the agility and profitability of their communications infrastructure.

Installation of Virtual Fog Server

Virtual Fog Server Installation, Platforms redundant edge / fog module server configurations that are linked by 10 GbE redundant interfaces and can be used to install and manage a number of applications and services. There are also settings to support the trailing core control of the real-time device that individual beads and device resources can priority or exclusive set. Thanks to the hardware independence of virtual platforms. It is possible to develop multiple tenant nodes for faster deployment of heterogeneous machines, systems and sensor networks in the industry’s 4.0 environments, making these virtual facilities more flexible, flexible and scalable. The attachment is also suitable for high availability and low veneers on the edge of the cellular infrastructure operator.

Application of Industry 4.0 and IoT

The Edge Server virtualization platform that is introduced to ingenious project for the services of Congatec Extended Industry 4.0 and It PC unit, including all necessary software and hardware services. Congatec provided design services, BIOS customization, driver support and operating system, including virtualization, and all hardware services designed specifically for this individually designed platform. These services include, but are not limited to, customer verification, error correction, signal safety and test simulation.

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