ROHM’s New HD Audio SoC Supports a Variety of Audio Sources

rohm’s new hd audio soc Block Digram

ROHM’s New HD Audio SoC, Key Features of ROHM, Application oF ROHM semiconductor:

ROHM’s New HD Audio SoC

ROHM has recently announced the availability of high-sound SoC, BM94803AEKU, designed to act as a “brain” in audio applications such as Bluetooth speakers, USB DAS and mini / microcomputer systems through control and management of device components and input / output. As well as running a wide range of audio sources.

In recent years, a variety of ROHM’s New HD Audio SoC devices are needed to reliably reproduce information from various audio sources (multimedia / music files), not just high-fidelity sound. However, in order to support a wide range of audio sources, multiple multimedia decoding (bridging, USB, Bluetooth) is required with additional peripheral components, resulting in problems related to software complexity and development burden.

In the audio industry, ROHM offers not only general-purpose integrated circuits such as opamps, but also integrated voice circuits, ranging from decoders and speakers to audio processors. This time Rom has developed the Audio of SOC which acts as a “brain” of audio devices as well as a reference design that improves the sound quality of the whole system while minimizing the burden of development.

The BM94803AEKU integrates a processor chip with SDRAM with an optimized architecture that takes advantage of software components and circuits such as ASIC (Specific Ik application), MCU and many multimedia decoders (developed by RUM Group) on a single chip. The multimedia decoder supports a wide range of audio sources, with over 20 years experience, enabling ROHM’s New HD Audio SoC to ensure stable operation of CDs and even non-standard USB. In addition, SEDRAM is built which contributes to subsequent miniaturization.

This has enabled ROHM’s New HD Audio SoC to achieve the first high-definition audio signal design in the industry. The design increases the performance of peripherals and applications by configuring the amplifier, CD player and other ROM elements around SOC sound. In addition, the provision of customized software enables the rapid development of audio devices capable of stable reproduction of a wide range of audio sources, greatly reducing the development time.

Key Features of ROHM

  • Compatible with a wide range of audio formats.
  • The BM94803AEKU supports a wide range of media, from traditional software (plug, USB, plug) to new protocols (smart phones, Bluetooth), while covering a wide range of music formats including Flack and Dsd.
  • Ensure smooth operation.
  • Experience over 20 years in the development of multimedia decoders ensures smooth, run-free jumping even with CDs with surface scratches. It can also read non-standard USB memory that prevails in emerging countries, while the unparalleled playback stability enables ROHM’s New HD Audio SoC to meet customer expectations for audio equipment.
  • A full range of software compatible with the development of audio devices.
  • The availability of sound sound from the South Oil Company as well as a reference design that includes dedicated software to maximize performance greatly reduces the development loads required by audio equipment manufacturers and accelerate development and significantly shorten downtime market exit.
  • The built-in CD and Sdram contribute to the new miniaturization

The ROHM’s New HD Audio SoC integrates both the DSP (Multimedia Decoding Plug) plug and the 16 Mb SDRAM (Semiconductor Labis product), previously implemented separately, in a single package. This not only reduces the installation area, but also eliminates the need to consider the radiated noise between components.

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Sound Reference ROHM’s New HD Audio SoC

This reference design increases the performance of ROHM’s New HD Audio SoC devices.

In addition to the audio components, terminal applications such as tuner module, Bluetooth module and plug controller are included, allowing immediate verification of operating performance and allowing the rapid development of high-definition audio equipment.


  • High-precision audio equipment
  • High precision component systems
  • Bluetooth headsets

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