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magnetic reed switch

Magnetic Reed Switch, PIC, Stander Medder, Reed Relay Electronics India Limited:

Magnetic Reed Switch

Reed’s keys were born at Bell Labs, invented in the late 1930s by Walter B. Elwood. The original patent application for the electromagnetic switch was filed on June 27, 1940 and formally granted on December 2, 1941. Without knowing it, the Reeds found its presence in vast fields, testing and measuring, communications, automotive or general purposes.

Most of today’s Magnetic Reed Switch manufacturers produce very high quality and highly reliable switches. This has led to unprecedented growth. The automotive industry has adopted almost all Reed keys in its features. Electromechanical components such as Magnetic Reed Switch, paper sensors and reed relays play a key role in making the automotive more comfortable, safer and smarter.


The PIC has expanded the range of reed switches by inserting the SMD reed SMD into new keys called the F and FH-series Product Features:


• Low-cost solution for large-scale applications

• No change required Bb, direct replacement of the rival glowing species

• Different ranges of sensitivity are available

• Packages and Coils


• Improved mechanical protection thanks to housing

• No replaceable Bb required, direct replacement for molded competitors

• Different ranges of sensitivity are available

• Packages and Coils

Other Applications

• As a position control used in the top washing machine, hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders, safety / building management systems

• As a contact key used in smoke detectors, chillers, pacemakers

• A level sensor used in liquid tanks, coffee maker, dryer

• Since the flow detection is used in dishwashers, water meter, water heater

• As the speedometer used on bicycles, wind turbines and electronic bikes


The blade clamps and keys are Greenlin products offered by PICK, here are some unique features of its products Greenline:

Recycling: Pure hiking

• Reed key is simply made of glass and metal, thus “easy to recycle as bottles and boxes.” Another advantage is low weight with continuous miniaturization; therefore, our S-0701 weighs only 0.03 grams.

No power consumption in standby mode: Zero power item! Unlike active electronic systems, reed switches do not require separate power supply.

No small emissions: just clean The tightly sealed Magnetic Reed Switch does not produce precise emissions (eg ozone and sodium oxide).

• Immunity against education for sustainable development

• The keyboard is pretty much safe from ESD. No longer need safety components and protective devices!

Heat dissipation slightly: heat avoids goodbye

• Although semiconductors are often very hot, Reed Switch remains cool and reduces the measurements needed for cooling.

Less components: less, better The Magnetic Reed Switch development technology provides space with minimal external components.

Stander Medder

T strips (rhodium) have good contact resistance, with operating temperature of -40 ° ~ 130 °

Reed switch ORD228VL: for cars because of its electrical and operational characteristics.

GR560 switch blade: high-performance switch blade.

Product Features:

• The switch of the chips is tightly sealed inside a glass tube with inert gas, and the chip contacts are not affected by the external atmosphere.

• Quick answer

• Components of spare parts and coaxial electrical parts, plate switches suitable for high frequency applications.

• Compact and lightweight.

• Greater corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance from contacts ensures stable switching operation and long service life.

• Economically and easily convert them to the proximity switch to the side of the magnet

Other Applications

• Instrumentation and testing equipment

• Security

• medical services

• Hardware

• Telecommunications

• Industrial, etc.


• In all installations, plate switching cables can be converted to different cutting and bending requirements for lead that meet a wide range of customer applications. Precise tools are needed to avoid damaging the glass capsule. This value-added approach can also include special tests of up to 15 different teachers, including dynamic communication resistance.

• Panel switches can be selected at very tight intervals of low magnetic sensitivity up to 1 am (at) or 0.1 milli-latt (m) increments.

Reed Relay Electronics India Limited

Paper melded sensors

• Durable 24 decoding to switch low signal loads and lamp loads.

• Resists shock and vibration

• Supplied on tape and coil for automatic sampling and positioning for reflow soldering Product Features:

• No external power required for operation.

• Closed tightly and safe for use in fuel tanks.

• Available in normally open communication forms and usually open.

• Immunity against electrical discharge (acid).

• No additional components are required to generate results

• The signal does not require any amplification.

• Available in three magnetic sensitivity to handle different driving distances and magnet types.

• Made in our friendly environment with up to 50% renewable energy

• Configurable deceleration (On-Off Distance).

Other applications

Reed sensors and Magnetic Reed Switch as a sensor position find application in:

• Internet Stuff (Forum)

• Devices

• Entertainment applications


• Provides code changers that can customized during manufacturing, either for EN space, or only for LO or both for very critical applications.

• Customers can visit our high-tech factory in the suburbs of Bangalore to test and test direct applications.


For automotive safety applications:

• Reed sensors that detect car accidents to begin deploying the airbag.

• Reed keys to detect seat belt lock.

• The reed sensors and Magnetic Reed Switch at the liquid level of the washing machine, which is the level of the radiator compensation tank

• Detection of sensor level, oil level and rod gauge to detect fuel level and urea

Product Features:

• Wide portfolio of 7 mm piece in very short length that rises to 50.80 mm in glass body

• With the most stringent quality standards that meet the stringent requirements of the automotive industry.

• It does not require the power to operate and save energy consumption on semiconductor devices such as resistors

• Power supply can controlled closely.

• Easy to adjust for sensitivity and specialty lead formation with regard to mechanical devices

• Flexible switch for microvolt or current micro-electric load to more than 1000 volts and up to 100 watts of power

Other Applications

• Consumer market

• Industrial applications

• Measurement of gas and water

• Hardware

• Security


• Lithophos has the customization capabilities of all our products, supported by a strong team of applications at all levels of product development as a final customer.

• Provide comprehensive magnetic circuit simulation / modeling services to analyze the feasibility of design options.

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