How to Use Smartphone for CCTV Camera? These are 5 Easy Steps

smartphone for cctv camera

Do you want to use your Smartphone for CCTV camera? So you do not have to spend money or contact any technician. We are going to tell you some simple ways you can use your phone as a CCTV camera.

Steps to Use Smartphone for CCTV Camera

Let’s Starts Following Steps to Use Smartphone for CCTV Camera

Step 1

You will need a Smartphone. It is not necessarily how old the Smartphone, but it works. To make your Smartphone for CCTV camera, you have to take care of certain things. For example, how long the phone battery lasts and how long the phone is charging. In addition, you should also check if your phone is working with sports Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi on your phone. See also how video streaming works for your Smartphone. If none of these three functions work on your Smartphone, you cannot use your Smartphone for CCTV Camera.

Step 2

You can turn on Wi-Fi on your phone, then go to the Play Store and download the AtHome Video Streamer app. The application downloaded 10 million users. Apart from that, you will find many applications that do the same thing. As such, AtHome Camera – Surveillance Video Home Security Camera and CCTV DIY Home Security – Alfred After downloading AtHome Video Streamer, your phone will be used to streaming video. In other words, your Smartphone will now function as a CCTV.

Step 3

Download the AtHome Monitor application now on the phone you want to watch for CCTV video.

Step 4

You should now open the application to connect both devices. The application will give you a unique username, password, and login ID over an online connection. Enter this information in your mobile app to watch your video.

Step 5

Fill out all the information in the Smartphone application of the application. Using the generated QR code, click Add Source. After you clear the icon, you can see the footage on your phone.

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