How to Chat on WhatsApp without Adding Contact Number


WhatsApp currently uses most smart phone users. The instant messaging platform is the primary feature of sending messages to contacts. However, you do not have to include these numbers in your contact list. Do you know that WhatsApp come with the “click to chat” feature? Below, users can start chatting without adding a phone number to their contact list.

How it Works?

WhatsApp allows you to create a new link through the url To chat next to it, his enter the number in international format, without any zero and country in bracket.

For example, use this as follows:

Note: Do not do this – (111)4833

After clicking the link, the chat will automatically open from that number. This chat feature works on both the phone and the web. Note that this function can only be used for individual chat. I cannot argue with this group.

WhatsApp New Features

Recently, WhatsApp has added many new features and updates. The messaging app introduced new enhancements, such as group description, administrative control, group removal, admin delegation, and more.

Whatsapp Dismiss Admin Feature?

Previously, the WhatsApp Group admin had to remove the second admin of the group deployment and had to be removed from the group and had to join the group. But after this new update, the admin will not have to go through this long process. The admin can delete without deleting the new group feature.

What is High-Priority Notification Features?

WhatsApp updated its trial version with the following feature. This feature will track the necessary notifications. This way you will not be able to lose an important message. This feature was recently updated to the pilot. A new feature has been introduced in the application, called High Priority Notifications. According to the WeBetaInfo report, WhatsApp Space Beta was updated to version 2.18.117.

Pin Chat Feature

This feature is the pre-IM feature of WhatsApp. This feature will bring new notifications from any group or personal chat at the top of the notification shade. Users can also set specific or urgent notifications to configure the notification channel for the app and also at the top. If there are more than one group or contact in the high priority notification, notifications will be displayed in chronological order.

Payment Request Feature

WhatsApp releases a lot of updates these days. A new feature for Android beta users has been added to WhatsAppSpay Payments. Now users can send money requests from contacts. First, there was an option to send money only. At the same time, users can only make WhatsApp payments. At present, the demand for money is limited. This feature is only available for payments made using UPI and QR code. This will not work when users are selected directly from the contact.

This feature is implemented with the Excluded Media Download feature and the new vcard indexing feature. The new money order feature is available on Android WhatsApp Beta v2.18.113. This feature is currently only available to specific users.

Deleted Media Files can be Downloaded

According to WeBetaInfo, WhatsApp will now allow users to download deleted media back from the server. According to the report, WhatsApp multimedia files are stored on the server even after users download them. This is not the first time that WhatsApp brings this feature. Some of this has already been provided by the application. This means that if you do not download your media, it will still be available on WhatsApp for 30 days. After you download the user file, the file is automatically deleted from the WhatsApp server.

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