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high power system reliability

High Power System Reliability With Protection & Safety Features, NERC, Transient and Circuit Protection, Digital Power SystemsIsolated Systems, Component Selection:

High Power System Reliability

In an ideal world, a High Power System Reliability must be designed to avoid single point failure and provide a way to isolate the failure. So that the process can continue at a low level of performance. It should also be able to contain defects to prevent propagation to downstream or upstream electronic components.

Integrated replication, whether in the form of parallel circuits that actively participate in the load or wait in silent mode until failure occurs, is the solution. In each case, error detection and management require additional circuits that contribute to the complexity and total cost. Some systems also create different parallel circuits to add diversity and avoid the risk of a common failure mechanism. This is the case in some aircraft flight control systems.

Increasing the complexity of the system imposes a greater load on the performance of the power supply. So high conversion efficiency and good thermal management are necessary. Since every 10 ° C of the junction temperature of IK life is about half. As we shall see, the new power-rich power features and customized power management features now provide better protection for the integrated circuit itself and its surrounding system.

Features of Power Regulator Safety

Regulators have seen more and more precise voltage and complexity of current limiting methods to avoid excessive currents that harm the same device or downstream components. It is also common to find internal protection circuits including reverse battery protection, current limit, thermal limit, and current reverse protection.

The LTC7801 switch control module is an example of improved process technology and safety features. It can safely support input voltages up to 150V and performs a protection function that prevents switching when the input voltage exceeds the programmable operating range. This feature simplifies the transient protection circuit of the input source by limiting the number of components and the size of the solution. The output is also well protected with a surge comparator that protects from overvoltage while the current limiting current controls the dissipation of energy during overcurrent and short circuit conditions.high power system reliability

Physical security packaging aspects are also handled by suggesting housing options with widely spaced pins to avoid the risk of bending between adjacent high voltage and low voltage pins. The breaking voltage is reduced with low air pressure, so non-compressed aircraft applications can choose the LTC3895 which offers the same functionality and performance as the LTC7801, but with the option of a two-pin spacing package of 0.68 mm. Some products, such as Linear linear LT3007 controller, are also available with a compatible mouth pin (failure mode and impact analysis) where the output remains in or under control voltage if the adjacent pins are short. -the circuit or floating pin on the left.

Multiple Input Sources

Power systems that have the main power supply and redundant backup with an external auxiliary source may need a power control system that has priority and status monitoring. In addition, you must protect the system from cross-connection and subsequent power during source switching. One-chip IC devices, such as LTC4417, offer a solution that automatically selects the source based on verifying user-defined power thresholds for each port.multiple input sources

An alternative approach would be to share the load between two sources of income operating at the same time, increase reliability by reducing the load on each source and at the same time providing protection from source failures. If each was sufficient to support the source. In the past, it was possible to adopt a simple binary or non-conventional arrangement. But it is not effective, but this requires that each display has an effective control to balance the load. Figure 2 shows how this can be achieved now with a single chip solution. The LTC4370 is a common joint controller with block blocking preventing power outages, thus reducing the power system.

Transient and Circuit Protection

Military and electronic devices must meet aviation temporary protection specifications such as MIL-ST-1275 (vehicles) and MIL-STD-704 / DU -160 (aircraft). However, overvoltage, tip and wave protection is desirable in any high-reliability system. There are products dedicated to this function, such as LT4364.

There is also a wide range of circuit protection functions, including products such as LTC4368, 100V bi-directional circuit breaker which include protection against very high voltage, very low, or even negative supply, overvoltage errors.

In these examples, we can see how new products with advanced security features. It can increasingly simplify application circuit design and reduce solution size.

Management of Digital Power Systems

The new products combine the advantages of analog power control with digital control on the I2C-based Pembus interface to enable remote management of power systems. The measurement and remote measurement data can be used to monitor the charging conditions, read matrix temperature, provide cutting access and marginalization with very high precision, maximize system stability, efficiency, and reliability.

The LTC3815 performs a simplified set of orders with PMBus Lite, with no microcontroller or memory on the chip, simplifying the design and offering the benefits of digital power management.

As mentioned above, good thermal control is necessary for reliability and the LTC3815 has two levels of thermal thresholds and two levels of response. When the internal temperature exceeds 150° C. The temperature condition in the members is marked and the alarm pin is cut to alert the pompous master. If the temperature continues to rise and exceed 170° C, the LTC3815 will turn off all circuitry, including output control until the high-temperature condition is removed.

These state-aware systems provide the ability to shift from time-based maintenance programs to conditional maintenance and can highlight performance degradation before system failures occur.

Isolated Systems

High Power System Reliability often include insulation barriers to protect power buses from failure in replaceable units from the downstream line. A growing number of sensors and actuators also increase the demand for small, locally isolated power supplies and data interfaces to reduce problems caused by loop noise and interference in the common mode. There are now complete solutions of GGA isolated BGA modules to simplify design and increase reliability.

The LTM9100 insulated switch controller is the all-in-one solution for control, protection and monitoring of high voltage power supply up to 1000VDC. The 5KF barrier separator separates the galvanic interface from the digital control switch, driving the external MOSFET or tilting the N-channel switch. Insulated digital measurements can be obtained from the current load, voltage bus and temperature via the I2C / SMBUS interface, which allows control of the power and power of the HV bus.

Component Selection of High Power System Reliability

Most of this article has been dedicated to new features that simplify the design of High Power System Reliability or product features that protect your device from failure or abuse. However, it is not important to neglect the importance of component quality and to choose the correct degree of the component for the expected environmental conditions. For example, analog military hardware offers 100% quality plastic guaranteed performance tested and guaranteed from -55° C to +125° C, eliminating the need to retest or distinguish the component in the application circuit. Where very difficult conditions are expected.

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