Google Tez Mobile Payment App Launched In India, Features, How to Use

google tez mobile payment app

Google Tez Mobile Payment App Launched In India, Features, How to Use Google Tez App, UPI SBI:

Google Tez Mobile Payment App

The Google has launched a payment application – Tez in India. The app is available for Android and iOS users. The application uses UPI payment (Unified Payments Interface) and all major banks such as SBI, Canara,  Axis and HDFC.

Google Tez Mobile Payment App users can be used directly from their bank accounts, which means that it is not necessary to open a separate account or worry about reloading the portfolios. The application also features a cash mode that allows users to instantly send and receive money to any user near these without having to share private information such as their bank account or phone number.

Users can also clear the QR code to send money. The company has also partnered with Micromax, Panasonic, Lava and Nokia Distribution. The app will also offer many others, such as scratch cards, bonuses and lucky withdrawals on Sunday.

Features of Tez App

  • Transfer money directly to your bank account. Simply connect your account to Tez on UPI and transfer money instantly from one bank to another.
  • With Google’s multi-layer protection and 24/7 protection from the Tez Shield, the technology giant benefits from more security.
  • Using Cash Tez mode, you can send or receive payments to someone nearby without sharing personal information such as phone number or bank account. The technology works as an NFC and uses ultrasound to connect two phones via a microphone and a phone speaker.
  • Google Tez Mobile Payment App offers language support for English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Maharaja, Tamil and Telugu.
  • Your chiawala, milk man and his lounge can now accept payments immediately with cash position.

Rajan Indan, vice president of Southeast Asia and India, said there were 300 million people accessing the Internet on smart phones today and India was adopting the Internet in a way we never imagined before.

“More than 650 million people should use the Internet by 2020 and Google’s mission is to provide the Internet for everyone,” Endan said.

Digital payments had a huge boost in the government demagnetization process in November last year, and the government estimates the digital economy could increase by one trillion dollars over the next few years.

Over the past year, payment, space in India has become very exciting, with many adventurous adult players. This includes the likes of Amazon, Flipkart and Uber which have recently issued UPI payments through their application. Apple is also supposed to work to solve the payment to India.

How To Use Google Tez Mobile Payment App

To use the application, Android users must download the application and set the Google-or-Screen Lock. Then they have to connect their back branch to apply tees with a few simple taps. Once the process is complete, users can send and receive money.

Google also allowed merchants to use the Tez platform to receive payments directly through demand, but promised that companies that consumers would deal with would only be able to use this feature and there would be no spam.

It also features the Google Tez Mobile Payment App Shield application that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to protect the user from piracy and fraud. Users can pay their bills and can also set up a call for recurring bills.

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