Google Lens Launched For All Smartphones With Android, Specialties

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Google Lens Launched For All Smartphones With Android, What Do You Mean by Google Lenses, Specialties, Comming Soon For iOS User:

Google Lens For All Smartphones

Good news for users who use smartphones with Android, the Google Lens feature is now available for all Android smartphones. Google Lens will be available for all Android smartphones through the Photos app. Google’s lenses feature is still available on a smartphone with 2 pixels of Google, but this feature will now use by other users. Smartphones, However, the company did not specify that when this feature will be compatible with Android smartphones and Google assistant? Apart from this, the company has not provided any information on when this new feature will release for Apple smartphones.

What Do You Mean by Google Lenses?

Google’s lenses are designed to provide the necessary information through visual analysis. With the help of this feature, when your phone camera focuses on anything, the app will tell you the information about it.

More About These Specialties

With Google’s Lenses, you can scan the barcode in any item. One of the many features of Google’s Lens is analyzing your mobile phone numbers and addresses. This feature also has the ability to search for books, songs, music, and movies that rely on images. Previously, when shooting using Google’s Pixel 2, this feature identifies entities and road points. Now, this feature will be available on all Android smartphones.

Google Lens Comming Soon For iOS User

According to the company, the Google Lens function will also be available to the iOS user. In the future, Google will also offer this feature to Apple devices.

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