Google Chrome Features Consists 5 Hidden Features, Settings | How To Find It

google chrome features

Google Chrome Features Consists 5 Hidden Features – How To Find It, Profiles Customized And Managed, Forgotten Password Recovered, Reopen Tabs, Mark All Tabs Once, Block ads And POP-UPS:

Google Chrome Features

The Google Chrome is the most widely used browser for browsing the Internet. It is also very easy to use google chrome features. We spend most of our time working on Google, but we do not know many useful features in Google. We will give you information about some of Google’s hidden features in this news.

Profiles Customized In Chrome And Managed

The most useful google chrome features are that you can create your own username and profile in Google Chrome so Chrome can store your browsing history, favorites and so on. In addition, you can create multiple profiles together. You can create a profile for use in your office and a different profile for your personal business. Chrome keeps a password and logs on to each profile individually. To do this, go to Settings and select “Manage people“. Select “Add more people” now. Then, you can create alternate profiles for different tasks and customize them according to your needs and chrome features

Forgotten Password Can Be Recovered

We use many applications and websites on your smartphone or laptop whose password is a task to remember. In this way, Google chrome features help you save these website passwords. Yes, you can save your password on Google so you can forget the password of these websites easily via Chrome. To do this, you must scroll through the parameters and select Advanced. Now you have to click on “Manage Passwords” where you can get information from your saved chrome features

Reopen Closed Tabs

From time to time you close the open tabs in the Chrome or open tabs are closed even if the browser fails. In this case, you can reopen the closed tabs in Chrome using this google chrome features. To do this, you must use ‘Ctrl + Shift + R‘ and then you can reopen the closed tabs.

Mark All Tabs Once

Often you open a website and want to tag it again if you want to visit again. To mark multiple locations, you must use ‘Ctrl + Shift + D.

Block ads And POP-UPS

You can get rid of annoying ads and pop-ups while surfing the web. To do this, you must select extensions by accessing more tools. Now find and install add-on blocker here. This extension will help you block unwanted ads and pop-ups.

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