Facebook Live Video Streaming now supports 360 degree VR 4K flocking

facebook live video streamming

Facebook Live Video Streaming now supports 360 degree VR 4K flocking, facebook live stream, live facebook video:

Facebook Live Video Streaming

Facebook announced on Tuesday many updates live video clips in 360 is a more profitable proposition for broadcasters and attractive to media consumers. The company added social networking support to resolutions up to 4K for the transmission of 360-degree live stream facebook video. Added VR support too.

In particular, users can view live video in 4k 360 degrees in the Samsung VR Vault cracker headset, but users can not use the feature at that time. Samsung VR headset users can watch live video via Facebook 360 application via the “Search in VR” code in the application.

Apart from this, Facebook also announced its 360 facebook live stream Ready program, which is essentially experiencing hardware-like ready-to-serve 360 ​​video business. “The 360 ​​software is ready for live verification software Facebook recommends specific cameras to live 360-based integration to apply third-party software or image with a device FB Link FB Live API to support our standard 360 experience to live without friction, “says the company on its Web site.

facebook live video streaming

Currently, the list of supported cameras include Insta360 Nano Giroptic IO Insta360 Air Insta360 Pro, Nokia Ozu Aurach 4I ION360 U, Z S1 and CAM 360fly 4K Pro. Are the most likely devices to get a certificate in the future, given that the needs that Facebook has set are specific to your service.

Facebook said that live video is currently unable to swell when life, but it can be included after it became after the VOD yet. In addition, live 360 video and even regular 360 degree video can currently converted through a program on TV from now. Do not forget, Live 360 ​​launched its first video in December and made it available to all users in March. Tell

Tips and Tricks For Facebook Live Video Streaming

  • Fans when passing prematurely.
  • Go live on facebook when you have a strong relationship.
  • Write an attractive description before going live video facebook.
  • Ask viewers to sign up for live notifications.
  • Commentators welcome the name. Reply to your live comments.
  • Distribution for longer periods of time to reach a larger number of people.
  • Use the closing line to denote the end of the transmission.
  • Be creative and often go directly.

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