Recruitment Automation Important For Future | Global Survey Suggests

recruitment automation

Recruitment Automation Important For Future, Global Survey Suggests: Recruitment Automation Organizations around the world are increasingly turning to Recruitment Automation and adoption of Chatbots. And live digital interviews will grow in the coming years, according to a report. According to a global survey conducted by KellyOCG, about 55 percent of respondents believed that 522 industrial automation worldwide (including India) believed

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STMicroelectronics – The Discrete Charm of Electrification, DC/DC converter


STMicroelectronics, On-Board Charger, DC/DC converter, Traction Inverter st microelectronic: STMicroelectronics Sales of electric vehicles reached 750,000 vehicles worldwide in 2016. Only China accounted for more than 300,000 vehicles. Forecasts range from 40 to 70 million STMicroelectronics electric cars to be deployed by 2025. All these data indicate that vehicle electrification is increasing at an incredible rate, thanks to cheaper battery technology, mileage, acceptable performance

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Black & Veatch Wins the first floating | liquefied natural gas project in India

black & veatch

Black & Veatch Wins the first floating liquefied natural gas project in India, LNG Project, LNG: Black & Veatch Wins LNG Swan Private Limited (a subsidiary of Swan Energy Co., Ltd.) Black & Veatch has been awarded the contract of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) for LNG (FLNG) in India. Under the contract, Black and Veatch will provide the essential elements

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