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amazon internet web browser

Amazon Internet Web Browser launches with Light and Fast for Android web browser in India, Features, Advantage, Easy to Use for Private services, Size:

Amazon Internet Web Browser

Amazon has released a lightweight web browser for Android devices. This application is specifically designed to less consume space on hardware. The Amazon Internet Web Browser has a size of 2MB, and it claims to offer a special user experience without any additional permissions requests. The Amazon Internet Web Browser App is available in Google Play Store for download. This Web browser  Will work on Android 5.0 or more Marshmallow devices.

Amazon Internet Web Browser Features

The company said in the Play Store that it does not require any kind of permission to use the private mode. Not only that, like other web browsers, this browser does not collect user-specific data. News, cricket, and entertainment from Top News and Famous News Sources on the home page of this browser make it easier for users to work.

Amazon Internet Web Browser Advantage

Amazon Online Sales Company has launched its own web browser for mobile users in India. The name of this browser is the Internet, which is light and fast to use. In addition, you can also perform special searches in this browser very easily. Amazon Internet Web Browser is not only light and fast in use, but also more efficient than expected at slow internet speeds, Amazon said. In addition, the updated files will be lighter as well, which does not load the user data package.

Easy to Use for Private services

The most important feature of the Internet Amazon Internet Web Browser is its own status. At this time, most users do not want to know which sites they have opened in their mobile browser. This means that you can not learn the details of browsing your browser’s history. There is a private option or a special browser window in many browsers, but the Internet browser, two simple modes are given by normal and private names. Through to which you can surf the Internet easily by changing the persistent mode without any hassle.

Amazon Internet Web Browser Size

Amazon Internet Web Browser has less than 3MB of download. Because of its lightest, this browser opens very quickly on your phone and does not hang easily. This browser is thought to be much better for your Android Orao 8.0 Smartphone.

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