Renesas Electronics Support for Embedded Industrial Linux Developers

renesas electronics

Renesas Electronics Support Long-Term for Embedded Industrial Linux Developers, Features of Renesas RZ/G Linux Platform, linux embedded development: Renesas Electronics It is a leading provider of advanced semiconductor solutions, announced on October 16, 2017, the Renesas Electronics RZ / G Linux platform with civil infrastructure platform, Super Long-Term Support (SLTS) Linux Kernel will maintain the Linux-based embedded  systems for more than 10 years.

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Allegro MicroSystems, LLC Controls Sensorless Sinusoidal 3 phase Gate

Allegro MicroSystems

Allegro microsystems, LLC Controls Sensorless Sinusoidal 3 phase Gate Controller: Sensorless Sinusoidal 3 phase Gate Allegro MicroSystems, LLC  introduces a three-phase, no-sensor and brushless DC motor controller for use with the N-channel Power MOSFETs. The Allegro is designed specifically for the automotive market with applications designed to include engine cooling fans, water pumps and oil. It is designed to provide engine

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STMicroelectronics – The Discrete Charm of Electrification, DC/DC converter


STMicroelectronics, On-Board Charger, DC/DC converter, Traction Inverter st microelectronic: STMicroelectronics Sales of electric vehicles reached 750,000 vehicles worldwide in 2016. Only China accounted for more than 300,000 vehicles. Forecasts range from 40 to 70 million STMicroelectronics electric cars to be deployed by 2025. All these data indicate that vehicle electrification is increasing at an incredible rate, thanks to cheaper battery technology, mileage, acceptable performance

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Magnetic Reed Switch – PIC, Stander Medder, Reed Relay Electronics

magnetic reed switch

Magnetic Reed Switch, PIC, Stander Medder, Reed Relay Electronics India Limited: Magnetic Reed Switch Reed’s keys were born at Bell Labs, invented in the late 1930s by Walter B. Elwood. The original patent application for the electromagnetic switch was filed on June 27, 1940 and formally granted on December 2, 1941. Without knowing it, the Reeds found its presence in

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ROHM’s New HD Audio SoC Supports a Variety of Audio Sources

rohm’s new hd audio soc Block Digram

ROHM’s New HD Audio SoC, Key Features of ROHM, Application oF ROHM semiconductor: ROHM’s New HD Audio SoC ROHM has recently announced the availability of high-sound SoC, BM94803AEKU, designed to act as a “brain” in audio applications such as Bluetooth speakers, USB DAS and mini / microcomputer systems through control and management of device components and input / output. As well

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Power Monitor IC of Microchip Increases Accuracy of Windows 10 Devices

power monitor ic

Power Monitor IC of Microchip Increases the accuracy of software strength measurement to 99% on Windows 10 Devices: Power Monitor IC of Microchip Chip PAC1934, precision power chip and Power Monitor IC, is now available from microchip technology working together with Microchip driver is fully compatible with the E3 power rating engine built-in Windows 10 operating system to provide 99 percent accuracy

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Google Self Driving Car Technology Spent Over $1 Billion | Google Car

google self driving car technology

Google Self Driving Car Technology Spent Over $1 Billion, Google Car, Self driving car, Google Waymo, Self driving vehicles: Google Self Driving Car Technology Google has been reluctant to share what it spends on Google Self Driving Car Technology, but now the number – more than $ 1 billion – has been mistakenly disclosed when reviewing documents in the ongoing legal dispute between

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Foreign Language Learning Programs | Best Way To Learn a Language

foreign language learning

Foreign Language Learning Programs, For Best Careers Opportunities, Best Way To Learn a Language, Eligibility, Institutes, Courses, Top language jobs: Foreign Language Learning The language is said to be the human spirit. It is the most natural way to communicate and express what we feel and think about. It cannot be denied that with the development of the global scenario, especially in the period

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